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Suffering !

Suffering Dude (SD): My life sucks I have no motivation to live anymore. My carrier is going nowhere. Had a fight with my best friend, I have no girlfriend, no saving.

Pseudo-intellectual Dude (PD): hmm, you mean you are suffering in life.

SD: Yeah what else you think? I am telling you a fairy tale to you.

PD: What is suffering according to you? When a person suffers?

SD: When you are not happy means you are suffering. When you don’t get what you want. When you are worried about something and you can’t do anything about it.

PD: when was the last time you were happy?

SD: Few weeks back when I went home, spend quality time with parent and old pals.

PD: Good. So you had a motivation in life at that time, you had a GF and never had a fight with friend that time? The reasons for which you are suffering were not there?

SD: No it was there. Situation is same.

PD: how can you be happy that time and sad now when your suffering was there?

SD: Because I was with my friends doing things that I liked. It’s just that I forgot about my suffering for some time.

PD: Okay. You are saying that suffering is real and happiness is just mirage. We all keep fooling that we are happy and deny the truth. How can one be suffering and happy at same time? If happiness is truth right now you are free to do things that you like forget about the worries and be happy.

SD: Don’t play with words. How can I just forget about all these things? You tell me if happiness is not real why the f**k everyone is running after it. If suffering is truth why all peoples in the word are not sad or depressed.

PD: People are happy because at one point or other in their life, they have accepted the suffering. You know only humans can feel happiness and fear. All other animals can only feel fear and sadness here. Pursuit of happiness is what makes us different from animals. That’s why we look for a reason to live and we feel happy when we are with our loved ones.
The secret of happiness is to accept the suffering and soon you will be able to live with it. For example if guy have only one eye, for you he must be suffering day and night for each and every moment in his life. But that not the truth after sometime he get used to it. He accepts the truth and develops the skills to live with his suffering.

Suffering is truth. Happiness is a lie.

p.s –> SD and PD are fictional character and any resemblance to living or dead soul will be coincidence.

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