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Solo Ride Across Konkan

Day  1 : 391  KM

Woke up at 3.00 AM  30 min before the alarm would have started ringing, went to sleep again woke up at 4.20  f**k i overslept again. In a hurry packed my luggage on the road flyer and started the journey.

Early morning cool breeze and empty roads is the best part of every ride. Soon i was ripping at 100+ on NH4 towards Mumbai and realized my mistake i was only wearing a wind cheater and it was cold outside my teeth started chattering and hand become numb. But i was enjoying the ride made it to Lonavala  in no time. Got tempted to take a right turn and go to Amby valley  thought for few moments then decided not to go there. Now the best part of the road came Mumbai Pune expressway 😀 till khapoli. Ripped the bike and took a right turn towards pen. This was the first time i was riding on this road, dint know the road and there were not many soul’s on the way so got worried. That’s the fun of riding on new road fear of getting lost makes you more vigilant and you enjoy the beauty otherwise you just keep riding like a robot.
Soon the fog came and the visibility decreased to few meter’s thought of taking pics of fog and suddenly it disappeared like a scene from some hindi horror flick. SPOOKY

Took a butt break after covering around 90 km and then again started towards Alibag. Alibag was a disappointment the sea was too far from where i had parked my bike, didn’t find any shop to keep my luggage. So clicked few pics there and started for kashid.

Got lost in the alibag city and i was again on the road towards pen. After few km realized my mistake and asked directions from a local. I can understand little marathi that too if they speak slowly. Was getting confused in direction and got lost in the city again after wasting nearly 1 hour in Alibag finally found the way towards kashid.

Alibag beach too crowded

Got spellbound from the beauty of  konkan road and houses took few clicks on the way.

On the way saw a good spot, did little off roading to reach there but it was worth it. Facing the Arabic sea and the vast horizon make you feel small. Cant explain the feeling in words.I  was enjoying my moments of solitude and was lost in my thoughts. When few more guys came there shouting and making lot of noise. I woke up from my deep thought,  felt like i was sleeping while standing :P.

Reached kashid around 10.00 Am. Had my first breakfast there. Enjoyed on the beach. Wanted to go for a ride on water scooter but the guy asked for 700 bucks and i had to sit as pillion, so dropped the plan. Next stop Murud.
Stopped at the hotel in Murud for some quick bite. They took 30 min just to prepare omelet 😦 . In the mean time owner of hotel a fine looking gentlemen started a conversation with me

Owner: where are your friends
Me: I am alone
Owner: Don’t you have any friends
Me : I have lot of friends but they were busy so i am traveling alone
Owner: hmm. what about your GF where is she.
Me: (WTH)  I don’t have one.
Owner: You young fella are useless don’t have a GF what happened she dumped you *Grinning*
Me: *Speechless* Kept silent and gave a cold stare to him.

In the mean time they served food. Got confused they have put green chillies in egg or egg in green chillies :P. i asked for water and they gave it in whiskey bottle.

Me : Bhao glass toh la do yaar
Waiter: Naahi milega glass bas daru peene ke liye hai paani naahi
Me : *Speechless again* WTF  all these people are crazy better run away from here ASAP.

Visited near by places in murud as there was not much to do so decided to head towards diveagar. Someone told me best way to reach there is by Jetty and one will be leaving in 20 min. So i hurried towards the dock but again because of  lack of knowledge of   marathi took a wrong turn and missed the jetty by few mins. Next jetty was after 1 hour so decided to go by road.
The route was amazing it was nice experience riding on ghat roads with Arabic sea on your left and sun behind you. Roads were good and there was one Toyota Quallis accompanying me. Made it to Divigar via raigad  in approx 2 hours.
Went to beach it was nice clean beach. Took my bike on the beach there one coconut vendor told me bikes are not allowed on beach and if cops caught you they will take lot of money, so parked the bike near the beach.
Enjoyed there on the beach for sometime but got bored so decided to head towards Harihareshwar. Initially i had planned to stay in Divegar on day one. But there was nothing much to see and i was way ahead of my schedule. So started towards Harihareshwar.  I was riding through the jungle on a small road and most of the part i didn’t saw any vehicle coming. I was wondering if i got any trouble here i would be in deep trouble.

Kashid beach

Haveli of Nawab

Second breakfast at crazy hotel

Janjeera Fort

on the way to divegar

I asked a guy to take my pic on beach he asked me to pose in this way 😛

Reached harihareshwar now i was confused to go inside the temple or not. I had ate egg in the morning and did not wanted to angry gods as i had a long journey ahead also didn’t want to miss the chance of dharsan of kashi of west. So called my mom to take advice she assured me that  if  i say sorry gods will not be angry. After lot of thinking went inside the temple. Every one there was staring at me as if  i am alien realized that i had not removed the knee and elbow guards :P.
After darshan went to harihareshwar beach stayed there for some time. Now i was confused should i head back to divigar for night stay or go to Dapoli and stay there. Asked one of cab driver he told me take a jetty from here and you can make to dapoli with in 40-50 min.
Followed his advice rode towards  dock again took a wrong turn. After about 10 -12 KM found village there a old guy told me i had came wrong way so started back again. Wasted precious 40-45 min. Loaded ma bike on jetty and crossed the sea it was wonderful. I always feel scared when on a boat but jetty ride was smooth.
Now the road become worse and for some patch there were no roads my average speed decreased to 30 Km/hr. To add to misery there were no road signs and at every junction i was getting confused. Took wrong turn many times as i was depended on the locals for directions and for many long patches there was no one on road. After some time i got impatient and was trying to ride hard and fast. Took a right turn too fast and realized my mistake too late pulled the brakes to fullest but  ended up in wheat field. Lucky me that there was lot of grass in the field and some how managed not to fall.
i was stuck in the field as the road was at much higher level than field.  After off roading for few meters in field found a way out. Decided not to push myself and ride more carefully.
After few KM from the crash found tea stall stopped there for tea. From there good patch of road started and i again started ripping through the Forrest. 😛  After some time i saw an alto parked near the road  and a guy was changing the punctured tire. Those guys were also going to Dapoli so decided to stay with them so if some trouble comes someone will be there to help me.

10 Km before Dapoli those guys stopped for a break i bid adieu to them and continued. After reaching dapoli asked a guy
Me : Where is beach here ?
Guy: there is no beach here
Me : *WTF am i at wrong place* But i had heard there are beach in dapoli where you can watch dolpin and all.
Guy: for that you have to go to murud.
Me: :O *Did i keep riding in a circle* bhao i am coming from murud only
Guy : laughed at me and went away

Now got pissed and confused, i thought there are 2 dapoli and i landed up in wrong place. It was already late and i am screwed. Asked a Autowala he told me in hindi that there are no beaches in Dapoli. i have to go 15 km to karad there is a good beach and there is murud beach also.  ohh there are 2 murud not 2 dapoli.

Went to karad after a lil search found a room for 500 bucks a night. Unloaded my luggage and made the hotel room like my room, so that i dont feel away from home. Enjoyed the sunset at Dapoli beach. I was famished and gulped down full konkan thali in few minutes. ordered for one more thali ,  girls sitting next  to my table were not able to control their giggle when i ordered the second thali.
Did some journal entry in diary and crashed for the night.

Bike on jetty

Nice roads after crash

Highway to hell 😛

Green past and Dark Future if keep cutting trees

Direction were lost so was i

Sunset at Dapoli

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