Short 1 day trip to Raigad Fort & Gandhar Pale Caves

Travelling through Western Ghats during monsoon season is delightful adventure.

Route taken:

After Bhor Village

Nira – Deoghar Dam


Little bird


I offered EMU some chocolate but she wanted to eat my gloves. I got afraid and ran away from her.

My initial plan was to visit Pale caves only.  After reaching Mahad (NH 17) I took a right towards Mumbai. After few km saw Raigad fort 25 km sign board. I had plenty of time in hand as it was only 9.30 AM.  Road from NH17 to Fort is scenic, twisty and misty. 😛

Raigad Fort is 2,700 ft above sea level and it can be reached by climbing approx 1737 steps or a ropeway. My max speed of climbing stair is 9.5 steps per hour, so bought to & fro rope way ticket for 180 rupees.

Once you reach the fort you need to buy one more entry ticket for 5 bucks.  I didn’t take any guide, but you can get one for 200 for whole fort tour based on your bargaining skills.

Fort Towers





 Ganga sagar talav

 After wandering in fort in fort for 2 hours and 4 glasses of butter milk later, decided to head back to base. For rope way to operate at least 8 people are required on either side. After a long boring wait of 30 min I was back in base.

Now next destination was Gandhar Pale Caves. It’s located from right side of NH 17, if you are traveling from Mahad towards Panvel.

First View

I had learned from my previous mistakes, decided to keep my bag and riding gear at a chai stall before starting the climb.

NH 17

The surface was very slippery because of rain water. I slipped while entering one of cave. My left palm and elbow got bruised badly. My first aid kit was in my bag that I left at the chai shop.  So I came down without exploring the caves.

Missing Pillar

Did first aid and started for Pune via Tamini ghat. Most of the patch was in bad state and my shoulder was also paining.  Maintain speed was getting difficult, so rode non stop to Pune.

P.S. : Sorry for image quality as all the pics are taken by mobile camera. 🙂

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